Surabi Children home is registered with Social Welfare Dept of Tamilnadu
BALAMITRA - Nutrition program- started for the academic year 2016-17
New academic year started, with our few new children admissions.
Celebrate your valuable occasions with our children by sponsoring a day food expenses of Rs.1500 and Special food Rs 2000. Visit surabi at your convenient timings.
Enhance quality education to the deprived children, facilitate better medical & nutrition support to less privileged, and improve the livelihood of women.
Providing better education opportunities to the destitute children, nurturing them into responsible citizens of nation, cater good nutrition, better medical support to the under privileged, empowering women to improve their livelihood by creating opportunities for employment.
Surabi needs donations to run all its activities. We have 80-G Tax exemption and we request you to kindly support surabi.
Welcome to Surabi
Surabi Trust is a registered charitableTrust found by a group of socially committed youth in the year 2008 and is based in Chennai, Tamilnadu (Reg.No517/08). The Trust is established with the ultimate aim to serve the society. We initiated our efforts to serve children in distress and empower women to be self-reliant.

We Thank many individuals and organisation donors, who have believed in rejuvenating the culture of giving support the destitute children and other underprivileged segment of the communities towards their integrated development. Your contribution makes significant difference in the lives of these deprived children and the society in distress.
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