SURABI TRUST – PASSION TO SERVE – 12 years of excellence.

To provide quality education, better medical facilities nutrition food to the under privileged sections of the society and help women to achieve economic independence.
Providing better education opportunities to the destitute children, nurturing them into responsible citizens of nation, cater good nutrition, better medical support to the underprivileged, empowering women to improve their livelihood by creating opportunities for employment.
Surabi needs donations to run all its activities. We have 80-G Tax exemption and we request you to kindly support surabi.
Welcome to Surabi
Surabi Trust is a non-government and philanthropic organization located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu rendering various services to the under privileged sections of society. The organization was founded by a group of like-minded friends on 20th March 2008, registering under the Trust Act with the ultimate aim of serving society. The objectives of Surabi Trust is to reach, help, support and advance the interests of the oppressed and down-trodden especially in matters of health, education, women empowerment and livelihood.
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