Surabi Children home is registered with Social Welfare Dept of Tamilnadu
BALAMITRA - Nutrition program- started for the academic year 2016-17
New academic year started, with our few new children admissions.
Celebrate your valuable occasions with our children by sponsoring a day food expenses of Rs.1500 and Special food Rs 2000. Visit surabi at your convenient timings.
Choose A Cause To Donate
Surabi needs donations to run all its activities. We have 80-G Tax exemption and we request you to kindly support surabi.
Sponsorship Scheme Amount What your donation will provide
 Oneday Food sponsor  Rs. 1000  Oneday Food.
 Rs. 1500  Oneday Special Food.
 Education exp  Rs. 1000  Complete expenses for one
  child/one month
 Membership Scheme
 Contribution towards SURABI‚Äôs
  recurring needs
 Corpus Fund  Your
 Contribution towards SURABI's
 Corpus Fund
 LIFE DONORS  Rs. 5000  One time contribution as a Life
 Free Medical Camp exp  Rs. 2000  Complete needs of one camp at
  any place.
 "HEALTHY MOTHER"  Rs.3500  Free nutrition food for poor
 pregnant women feeds around
  200 women/ month.
  Rs 2000  One Sq.Ft
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