Honoring Grass Root Workers: On occasion of DAAN UTSAV, every year Surabi conducts “SANDROR POTRI”a gesture to honor dedicated and devoted Grass Root Workers, working in Anganwadis, Schools, NGOs, Conservancy workers, Hospitals, Etc.

Free Water Points in Summer

In every summer it is the practice of surabi to keep water points at vantage locations to quench the thirst of pedestrians of the road.



The girl children are experiencing number of problems and challenges that are hindering not only their growth and development, but the overall quality of life. The opportunity to be born, the opportunity to grow in a safe and secure environment, and the rights to enhance one's potential and abilities are some of the major problems that girls are experiencing in India. The primary source of providing solutions to these problems is, families with girl children need to possess the viewpoints that they should make provision of all rights and opportunities that would promote their effective growth and development and not consider them as liabilities. Maithreyi program helps girl children to have better quality of life.

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Lack of menstrual hygiene management is a major reason for majority of the girls skipping schools during their periods and eventually dropping out at an early age and missing out on their education. More shocking is the fact that these unhygienic and unsanitary practices lead to a lot of infections such as fungal infections, urinary tract infection, cervical cancer etc. which can cause infertility and even death as per survey. Considering the importance Surabi has initiated a new program MANGAI to support sanitary Napkins to poor women and girls to maintain their health and hygiene.

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